KMB Law actively participates in the protection and commercialization of clients’ intellectual property from a commercial, agency and litigation standpoint. The lawyers and agents at KMB Law have extensive experience with advising and helping businesses protect their brand names and other types of intellectual property. We have an interest in seeing our clients grow and increasing the value of their business.

We can assist you in protecting your intellectual property and we provide a range of legal services to our clients, including:


  • Preparing and filing trademark applications to register your trademarks/brand names (Note: A registered business name does not receive the same protection as a registered trademark)
  • Trademark availability searches and opinions
  • Drafting and reviewing assignment and licensing agreements
  • Drafting, reviewing and responding to cease and desist letters
  • Serving as the designated Canadian Trademark Agent under the Madrid Protocol for foreign agents

Copyright, Industrial Designs and Patents

  • Advising on which type of intellectual property protection is available or applicable to your business
  • Drafting and reviewing assignment and licensing agreements
  • Preparing and filing industrial design applications (e.g., to protect the original look of your product, furniture, user interface)
  • Advising on the patent application process and assisting with the filing and prosecuting of Canadian patent applications that have already been filed elsewhere (e.g., as an International PCT application or as a US patent application)

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