Mediation is a facilitated negotiation in which a mutually acceptable third party will assist in the settlement of a dispute. It is a non-adversarial process aimed at achieving consensus between the parties without adjudicating on the merits. Rather, the mediator attempts to bring disputing parties to a point where they are able to settle their differences amicably, without resorting to litigation or arbitration. Mediation can be especially effective where the chosen mediator has a particular knowledge, experience and expertise in the subject area of the dispute.

Marc Tannenbaum brings to his mediation practice almost 30 years experience as a family law lawyer. Marc has been certified as a mediator by the prestigious Harvard School of Law and works diligently with parties alone or with their counsel to craft creative and equitable settlements of family law disputes.

Some benefits of mediation:

  • Keeps the focus on common interests, including the best interests of children
  • Encourages open communication and problem solving
  • Keeps decision making power in the hands of the parties
  • Typically a fraction of the cost of using the court process
  • Keeps the dispute a private one

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Mediation team members

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